Florists love Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 17th, 2012. Written by Tania.

Of all the wholesale traders and retailers of Valentine’s Day related products, florists made the most sales on this Valentine’s Day. The sale of flowers has reportedly been high this year and the seasonal vendors of flowers enjoyed the increased demand and rates of flowers and bouquets. Flowers make a universal gift, which fits for all occasion and leaves the recipients with traces of fading fragrance. Although red is the color of Valentine’s Day but it has been observed that overall sales of different kinds of flowers in varying shades remained on higher in demand this time. There are various reasons behind such impressive statistics of flower sales on Valentine’s Day 2012, including better advertisements and people’s increasing desire to cherish every happy moment they get.

Undoubtedly, internet has played a major role in increasing youngsters’ craving for celebrating Valentine’s Day more jubilantly and social media is that particular platform used for this purpose. To exploit this medium, different florists have set their profile pages on websites such as Google+ and Facebook as well as used their business websites effectively to take and process online orders for flower bouquets. Folks struck with cupid’s arrow were seen active on such portals looking for the right flowers for their sweethearts. The delivery truck drivers started their day early to make sure that all orders are met in time. The florists were overwhelmed with the increasing orders and remained busy all day taking more from the last minute customers.

The interesting thing observed on this Valentine’s Day is that sales of other gift items remained low. According to the economists, the slow economy worldwide is the reason why the average spending on Valentine’s Day this year has reduced by 15%. The flowers, however, are an exception. Rather the fall in sales of other items increased the sales of flowers to quite a noticeable extent. Because of recession and inflation, those who would have bought some expensive jewelry or perfumes for their lovers, were forced to buy candies and flowers. The sales statistics of flower on Feb 14th, 2012 clearly tells that florists loved the Valentine’s Day this year.

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