How to stay at the top in wholesale industry during 2012

Posted on January 20th, 2012. Written by Tania.

The economic downturn is expected to pace up during 2012 and the factors contributing to the fall of global economy will therefore continue to affect the people’s purchasing power. Chances are that more funds will be deducted from public sector, which will trigger unemployment and consequently inflation. All of this is very frustrating for the retailers and of course, wholesale suppliers and they are already planning to cope with the rising threats to their businesses. Such times call for serious planning and dedicated efforts as the survival of any business now depends on the range of services it provides by keeping in view the customer’s convenience. Some of the tips that will help you become a consumer friendly company are discussed here.

1. Diversify the payment modes

Although, credit and debit cards have been very convenient and safe for making payments but smartphones have taken the lead again by offering mobile banking. This trend is getting popular among the smartphone users and they find it very easy to make payments for purchasing transport fare, air and train tickets, booking passes for live shows, concerts and games, downloading videos, music albums, and mobile games and subscribing to news alerts, wallpapers, horoscope, and professional tips. To cater a larger number of buyers and trade clients, you can choose between premium SMS bases transactional payments, mobile web payments, direct mobile billing, or contactless NFC payment mode.

2. Amazon drop boxes

The Amazon dropboxes are becoming very popular among the retail clients and shopping malls. The entire idea of providing a delivery locker system to the consumers who are swiftly shifting to online shopping mode is very practical. Many known chain stores and malls have joined hands with Amazon to facilitate their customers. However, a business website that offers smooth ecommerce solutions to the clients is necessary for availing Amazon’s Dropbox services.

3. In-home services

Economic crises have increased burden on those who managed to keep their jobs. They are now forced to work for longer hours to earn a living for their families. Being the bread earner of their family, they have other responsibilities too and if you, as a consumer company, can ease their life by providing in-house services, they will definitely appreciate it. Think of the ways to fulfil their needs at their doorstep. Detailed research is required for doings so but the returns would be worth these efforts.

4. Offer free parking

Everyone values time but the current economic conditions have made people willing to wait for longer duration in order to save some money. You can spare your clients the parking fee and help them save a little that they can. These small acts count big when it comes to calculating the expenses and adjusting budgets accordingly.

5. Increase interaction with other businesses

Many companies have gone bankrupt and the remaining are on the verge of closing down. Such circumstances call for a change in approach. It is time to shake hands with your competitors and play from the same side to defeat the common enemy. We suggest you to extend corporation with other companies, benefit from their expertise and vice versa.

6. Utilize different means to reach our for customers

The economic crises world is facing these days call for carving new ways to create demand. Perhaps a change in marketing and advertising approach would also be required. All of this can be made possible if you know what strategies would benefit the customers more. Social media and independent polls can help you gauge such demands. Therefore, we believe that now is the time to effectively use different means for finding out what your clients want and how you can provide them in the manner, which suites them the best.

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